David Guetta ft. Justin Bieber – 2U

Expectations were already set at a recent high when two of Dance and Pop music’s iconic stars were set to release a collaborative track as we confirmed the news of an incoming David Guetta and Justin Bieber collaboration – based on a tweet from the latter. The track, now released as ‘2U’, was a surprise in the waiting as the scene awaited a big name collaboration. The track is upbeat and chirpy from the very start as a soothing foundation finds itself laying the path for Bieber to deliver pitch perfect vocals and pacing the track towards a ‘drop’ that takes liberally from Electro as well as Future House styles.

While the vocal delivery is, of course, the one that hooks people to the track with such a collaboration, it goes without saying that Guetta and the production team have landed it on the sixpence with this track as it quelled all the hype that had surrounded the track even before it saw light of the day. An assured hit, the charts and playlists ought to look out for this Guetta & Bieber team up because its a question of when and not if it will conquer them.

You can also check out the official video for the track on YouTube here.

The track can be purchased here through iTunes.

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