Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Hardwell reconcile after overcoming past differences

For a modern music industry that follows in line with the Shoegaze music’s 1990 moniker of ‘a scene that celebrates itself,’ Dance music is not one that is actively associated with rivalries and fights. Rather the scene has always seen artists help each other out and young ones build careers on the shoulders of what the old ones began. But in the mainstream of this industry, a face-off that had taken it by storm was the row between Dutch music producer and DJ Hardwell and the Belgian duo of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. With reports of Tomorrowland snubbing the Dutchman in favor of its resident DJs and tweets from the former calling for a studio showdown, all amity and friendly cause seemed lost not only between the artists themselves but their vast fan bases as well.

But if Like Mike’s recent Instagram post is anything of note then it seems clear that the two artists have amicably seen past their differences and past instance of the Belgian duo being called out for vote manipulation by Hardwell and Dannic on Twitter. And the speculative news comes at a good enough time when there was hue and cry about Hardwell’s exclusion from the Tomorrowland 2017 roster – although what this reconciliation¬†will mean for the artist and the festival is a matter in the waiting.¬†The news also reasserts the view of a large array of fans that Dance music scene has more friendships and artists on the look out for each other rather than active rivalries and disagreements – a view that creates a positive environment and promotes creative development of artists and their music. Whether the reconciliation between two of the biggest acts in the industry would amount to new music or performances is yet to be seen but it’s a good sentiment to see that things are back on track for all involved.

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