DJ Snake

DJ Snake reveals new music is coming soon

DJ Snake is set to go back into the dance music industry’s spotlight after revealing across his social media, including his Snapchat and Twitter accounts, that “new music is on the way!“. Earlier this year the French superstar headlined Ultra Music Festival which made him the first French DJ to close the Ultra Main Stage in its entire history. However just over a month later, DJ Snake disappeared from all his social media after he cancelled his appearance at Hangout Festival, resulting in Lil Yachty to fill in for him. Many people speculated that this was related to his legal issues concerning his hit single ‘Turn Down For What’ but after the social media blackout he revealed that he just wanted a break from technology and stated the following “It’s okay to take a break from everything. Unplug & reconnect with yourself.

Could DJ Snake have written his new music in this time? If so, he definitely had enough time to write several songs meaning a brand new EP could be on its way. Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, see the tweets and screenshots of his snapchat story below confirming that he will be releasing new music.