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Don Diablo reveals further details regarding upcoming album

Don Diablo has been dominating news within the dance music scene over the last few weeks, having received a hugely positive response following the release of his latest single ‘Save A Little Love‘ last week. He also turned heads with his recent video regarding the way Ultra treated him during Ultra Singapore, with fans and fellow producers commending him for speaking out about what went on.

As well as producing and DJing, Don Diablo has a host of other projects on the go, including running his own label HEXAGON, and selling merchandise through his own clothing line. Don Diablo sets himself apart from other artists in the industry with his unique personal style, both in terms of his productions and his own appearance. He maintains his brand through his clothing, consistently developing his identity, leading the trends rather than following them. The clothing he releases emulates his own personal style, always emblazoned with the iconic HEXAGON logo.

Recently, he went live on Instagram to give fans an update on upcoming merchandise as well as his album which is due to drop later this year. While receiving questions from fans throughout the stream, Don Diablo revealed that he is currently working on collaborations with both Oliver Heldens and KSHMR, two artists who fans have been desperate for him to collaborate with. He also revealed a few tracks from his upcoming album, all of which have been featured in his recent live sets during 2017. Long-awaited fan-favourite ‘Satellites‘ is due to feature, as well as a host of other IDs, each of which uniquely showcases Don Diablo’s production prowess and signature style.

With an album on the way as well as brand new clothing set to be released in his store, 2017 looks set to be Don Diablo’s most exciting year yet. Listen to his latest release ‘Save A Little Love’ here.

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