Eric Prydz EPIC 5.0

Epic 5.0 debuts massive holograms from Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz debuted the much-anticipated EPIC 5.0 holograms this weekend at Victoria Park, London. Eric Prydz in Concert, or EPIC, featured what are purported to be the world’s largest holographic video projections to stunning effect. Produced entirely in glorious 4K high definition, social media buzzed about the holograms in the lead up to the event.

Prydz posted a clip onto his Facebook page highlighting some of EPIC 5.0’s most-arresting visuals, including a DNA helix seemingly levitating over the audience, an astronaut exploring space above, and a beautiful star map of the galaxy.

Biggest holograms in the world!! From fans [sic] perspectives… WOW!!

Electronic dance music is, of course, about the music, but the genre’s ascendance in the industry is aided by its unique audiovisual experience, these holograms a prime example. Technology goes hand-in-hand with dance music, as the music itself is entirely electronic.¬†Prydz’ use of the holograms is genius, capitalizing on the best aspects of the genre.

Curiously absent from his setlist was his 2004 megahit “Call On Me,” which the erstwhile Swedish House Mafia member likened to fast food and thus refuses to play. However, fans at the Steel Yard last Saturday enjoyed a collection of his electro and techno tracks from his album Opus, and of course the beautiful holograms.

Watch the Facebook video below for a teaser of the visual extravaganza at Prydz’s EPIC 5.0:

Biggest holograms in the world!!From fans perspectives…WOW!!

Posted by Eric Prydz on Tuesday, May 30, 2017