Exclusive Interview: EDX discusses his musical history and new projects

We Rave You had the pleasure to interview EDX, the musical chameleon who has explored trance, deep house, electro house and everything in between. Maurizio Colella was born in Zurich, Switzerland and has spent an impressive 25 years in the industry as a producer and DJ. Aside from producing his own music, EDX is an in-demand remixer, contributing his talents to stars within the electronic dance music world and pop music, such as Calvin Harris and Mary J. Blige. EDX recently released a new single which we premiered: ‘Voyage‘ is a veritable musical odyssey itself, navigating a beautiful melody through deep house terrain.

In our exclusive interview with EDX, We Rave You discusses the DJ’s longevity in the business, how he crafts his music, and the year ahead.

When you look back at the past 25 years, what’s the first feeling that hits you?

“It’s simply great! I’ve got too many memories inside me, it’s not just a journey anymore, it became simply my life. I got to meet so many great people out there who, after so many years, I’m able to call my friends, and music made this possible.”

What was the very first track you produced as EDX, and what was it like? 

“It was ‘I’m Not Interested’. It was not that far away from where house music is today. It was released in 1997, an organ house beat with a small vocal sample by a very talented Swiss performer. It was a great feeling to hold the first white label and CD in my hands, I still know very well how that feeling felt. “

You’ve obviously seen a lot of big changes, especially with the new digital era. Do you prefer the music industry now, or back then, and why?

“The digital era was a huge revolution and opened up a lot of opportunities not just for me but not for all the kids from countries where it wasn’t possible to just say… let’s go to Media World and spend 5-20k to get all the gear you need to work on a good sounding song. Digital era made it much easier; you’re able to finish a track, send it out and reach the world within minutes, without really investing a penny, just keeping everything digital.

The problem with this generation is the fact that because you don’t really have to face the opinion of a record company A&R (who always had the last word if a track was released or not), or spend at least 3k to produce a minimum amount of LP/CDs, the overall quality of today’s music that gets released, in all genres, is much lower!

But still, imagine how hard it was back in the day to reach countries all over the world with your music, without spending money on a proper radio promotion. Today we are able to travel and reach countries we were never able to before the digital era and instant social media access.”

What equipment did you have in your studio 25 years ago, and what do you use now? 

 “My first sequencer was on an AMIGA 500, with a AKAI midi controller and synth. Later on, I moved over to NOTATOR and an ATARI computer which was the actually the era I started to buy different gears. I used to have (-still have-) a Roland TB303, JV2080 + modules, JP8080 and 8000, Akai Sampler S1000, Nordlead 1, Access Virus, JoMax Airbase, Roland Dance Module (M-DC1) and much more. From like 1997 I started to work only with Logic and never looked back from there.”

25 years is a very big milestone, especially in music when we have so many one-hit wonders! What’s the secret to your success? 

“I think the most important thing is to follow your dream and passion for music no matter where the music is going. Only release music you really love and try to stay away from music you don’t feel at all, but you still would consider for success. It’s simple – stay true to yourself, always!”

If you’re still making music in another 25 years, what one thing would you like to have achieved by your 50thanniversary?

“I’ve no clue! I guess, I want one day to tour with all my mates with a more live set up. I already toured with some close friends and great talents across North America on my own NoXcuses Bus Tour, a dream I guess every kid has since day one. Well, we have done it. On the music side, I think everyone is looking for the perfect summer track that turns into a big, big top 40 record all over the world. Plus we have a lot of time to maybe one day score a movie or win a Grammy. “

We’re premiering your new single ‘Voyage’ exclusively here on We Rave You – thanks so much for letting us do that! Tell us a bit about the single and what it means to you.

“It’s a journey between the years. I actually made 2 tracks, ‘Voyage’ and another one called ‘Daybreak’. They are like Black and White, Ying and Yang. With ‘Voyage’ I went really back to the early days when electronic was something new, when there were only a few electronic artists who were the pioneers of time, like Kraftwerk or Jean Michel Jarre. I tried to take you back to where I actually came from, the early days when club music was fresh and no matter what people shared a great time together, weekend after weekend into the early morning light. A family on dance floor, united each weekend. The second track ‘Daybreak’ is a track we will share with you soon, more the break true time of melodic house music all over Europe. I can’t wait to show you.”

What else do you have coming up for us this year musically?

“There will be a track called ‘Bloom’ in July and ‘Daybreak’ in August, then later in September I am finishing up a ‘Belong/Breathin’ type EDX signature record called ‘We Can’t Give Up’ but I still believe ‘Feel the Rush’ will have a great momentum this summer, the video has just being released and people all over simply love it. An EDX good vibe record, and yes there are 2 remixes waiting for the world as well before the end of the year.”

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