Exclusive Interview: Martin Solveig discusses ‘My House’ concept ahead of Prysm performance

“The internet revolution and the access to more and more simple production tools have changed the whole industry. Things have become more open. I don’t think it’s heading in one particular direction, but so many talents are emerging. I prefer not to overthink all this and just enjoy being stunned by original, and unexpected, musical moves.”

If ever there was a quote to sum up the clear, concise, yet stunningly beautiful ideology of Martin Solveig, the above fits pretty perfectly. Having carved a reputation within the industry for his blissful blend of sweet, sticky, addictive summer anthems, the Frenchman’s reputation has gone from strength to strength since the introduction of his ‘My House‘ brand, club nights modelled on great house music, and bright, bold colourful visuals. Ahead of his much anticipated performance at Prysm Nightclub in Chicago on 16th June, it was, of course, a discussion topic he was keen to explore further during this exclusive interview:

“We started the 3rd season of My House just 2 weeks ago, and I’m very happy because I can feel a huge momentum around it. Feedback is great and enthusiasm about it is booming. I have to say that the level of energy after only 2 parties is already really high. I created My House because I had this wish to create a party where I would be able to gather artists and producers with different electronic music feels. It was important for me to try and break the musical frontiers within our electronic genre so that people could experiment different musical vibes during My House. I also wanted the atmosphere to be friendly and welcoming. Our motto says it all: My house is your house.”


For Martin Solveig, the true home of My House resides between the famous cherries of Pacha Ibiza, and it is clear this has become a venue that he hold very close to his heart.

“It has become my favourite club, I know the whole team so well now. They’re part of my musical family, we have the same goals. Pacha Ibiza is one of the most renowned symbol of the club culture. We’re all working hard together to make My House one of the best parties on the island. So this venue obviously means a lot to me.”

And with a huge influx of electronic music talent now emerging from France, with the likes of Tchami, Madeon, Kungs, DJ Snake, and David Guetta dominating dance charts globally, Master Solveig believes we will only see more of the same success from his homeland.

“Some elements most probably lie in what used to be ‘the French Touch‘. French electronic music lovers are very proud of this era, it’s a kind of legacy and I guess that they want to carry on and make French productions special. They set the bar very high and are very self demanding, it pays off!”


Having released a number of huge tracks over the past few years including ‘+1’, ‘Hello’ and ‘Ready 2 Go’, it seems as though the producer and DJ can do no wrong right now, and despite no current plans for an album, new single ‘All Stars’ is sure to prove another smash hit!

 “I have a new track called ‘All Stars’ featuring Alma coming out on 23rd June but there’s no plan for an album yet, which doesn’t mean there won’t be one. I’m super happy with how things go with my music. I’m really lucky.”

With releases like ‘Intoxicated’ and ‘Do It Right’, Martin Solveig has established a very clear sound for himself, with a real groove-house feel to his tracks. But how did he establish this sound?

“I released ‘Intoxicated’ at a moment when the EDM wave was at its peak. This genre within our electronic world wasn’t exactly up my street. So I followed my way knowing that I had match with some of this genre criteria, energy was my main focus. As always I tried to keep quite a good balance between organic and electronic sounds and came up with this brass sound that made Intoxicated so singular.”


Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the ‘My House’ brand is how the artists that appear at the nights are selected, with Martin Solveig pointing out that all those on the bill are producers who have impressed him personally with their live shows.

“They’re selected because they’re all very talented, but because their live shows and own productions have impressed me and also because they bring their own electronic feel to My House. I’m always very careful when I’m working on a line up, as it has to be well balanced and needs to bring variety so that people can experience a real musical journey.”

One of the Frenchman’s biggest hits is undoubtedly 2016 monster hit ‘Places’ with Ina Wroldsen, a collaboration that took place in the vocalist’s home town of Oslo.

 “I have to say that I really fell in love with her voice when I discovered her first dance music tracks. I really wanted this collab to happen for a long time so when it finally became possible I decided to go to Oslo, Norway where she lives. We spent some time together talking and discovered we had a lot in common. We wrote this song from scratch, from the conversations we had. The process was so natural, this is why it is so personal and emotional. I’m very proud of it.”


With productions and videos laced full of vibrant, rich colour, Martin added that importance to provide a great visual show, as well as great music, for fans, is now more paramount than ever.

 “It’s not important, it’s essential! The level of production in festivals and clubs is constantly going up. Our DJ sets have become real shows, music now completely goes with lights and videos which is great because I’ve always been very keen on working on them. I like my video shows to convey the same kind of feel as my music, they’re most often very colourful because that’s who I am!”

And so, performing at PRYSM, the premiere Chicago venue famed for electric EDM performances, Martin would not reveal if he had any exclusives in store, but instead asked fans to come along and check out the show for themselves, adding:

“I can’t reveal everything, but I’m working a lot on my sets, I always want to make them unique so I never stop preparing lots of new exclusive edits. 2017 will be full of loads of fun and music of course.”

Tickets for the event are still available via the official PRYSM website, so be sure to secure yours now for what promises to be a huge night from one of the biggest stars in dance music right now! For Martin Solveig, his house is your house, and PRYSM welcomes you home!

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