Los-Angeles-based producer D-SAB fuses in his dubstep sounds to Hans Zimmer's theme song for 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End' titled "Parlay".

Hans Zimmer & D-SAB – Parlay

D-SAB has consistently been on a roll since the beginning of his career within the realm of electronic dance music. Continuing his ongoing rise toward stardom, D-SAB fuses in his hard-hitting dubstep sounds to Hans Zimmer‘s theme song for the 2007 film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End‘ titled “Parlay“.

Prior to this record, D-SAB has continuously achieved tremendous success for his remarkable releases. The Los Angeles-based producer first captured the audience’s attention with his insane remix of Getter’s “Suh Dude”. Due to its earth-shattering sounds, this track began D-SAB’s career on a high note and his streak continued with the release of a few more productions.

From his future bass remix of kiiara’s “Intention” to his dubstep rendition of Ookay and Getter’s “World”, D-SAB’s discography has been nothing short of brilliant thus far. Especially with the release of his mesmerizing track titled “Dreams”, this young talent is ready to climb up the ranks of this industry.

Returning with another impressive tune, D-SAB delivers a monstrous rework of Hans Zimmer’s “Parlay”. While keeping some of the original elements, such as the renowned violin sounds, the track possesses some earth-shattering and electrifying dubstep drops that would certainly cause chaos on any dance floor. Overall, with its astounding combination of Hans Zimmer and D-SAB’s respective signatures, “Parlay” is an absolute must-hear tune from start to finish.

The track is out now and you can download a copy for free here.