Hardwell explains the reasons behind his rise to success

An artist who needs no introduction, Hardwell is known as one of the key players within the dance music industry. His list of accomplishments is jaw-dropping, having come so far so quickly working his way from the bottom to the top. His success over the years is inspiring, and it is clear just how hard the Dutch DJ & producer has had to work to get to his current position.

Hardwell recently appeared at the TNW Conference in Amsterdam, where he explained his rise to fame and how he was able to rise through the ranks at such impressive speed. He talks about his passion for music, having started producing the age of 12, before getting his first record deal at age 14.

“Passion is the most important thing. That dream as a little kid that I wanted to become a DJ, that was everything for me, it was my passion. Until this day, I never worked to become a DJ. If you truly love what you do, you never have to work again.”

Hardwell also talks about his choice to upload livestreams of his performances on his YouTube channel, something which other artists thought was a waste of time. He talks about how he chose to upload his performance at Tomorrowland in 2012, with the video racking up an impressive 1 million views within 1 day.

“All the other DJs were like, I have no clue why you upload your livestream, I mean it’s already livestreamed so why would people re-watch it? I think they were wrong I had more than a million views in one day, just on that livestream, and one year later every DJ wanted to have his own livestream on his Youtube channel.”

The full video is truly inspiring, as Hardwell highlights his many achievements over the years, and explains the steps he took to reach his current level within the industry. One thing is for certain, the Dutch DJ has plenty of plans for the future, and is already plotting new ways to change the game yet again.

Watch the full video here.

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