HEREN – One Life

Following his latest original output titled “Here & Now“, which went on to be one of the hidden gems among House enthusiasts, HEREN is back with another original production titled “One Life”, this time including more poppy sounds in his work. The track is an edgy, soulful, and above all, emotional anthem of the dance variety.

Introduced with female on-point vocals, the track quickly evolves into an uplifting melodic trap tune before transforming into a rhythmic dance floor killer. Carried by majestic synths and tight hi-hat flurries, “One Life” is a menacing dance hybrid that makes every sunset more enjoyable. Including Pop-like arrangements from start to finish, it’s obvious HEREN is turning a new leaf with where his music may possibly be headed. The over 3-minute track incorporates all the necessary requirements to ensure he secures a spot for commercial air time, and hopefully a spot on Billboard’s Top 100 as well.

The tempo is slowed down and given a distinct chill flavor that we’ve come to expect from the Spanish producer. After the release of his earlier remixes such as “Unbreakable” or “Ready Or Not“, this is definitely one of the most outstanding productions HEREN has come out with. Unfortunately, it’s rather short, but damned if it isn’t sweet.

Listen to “One Life” right below or buy/stream it right here.

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