Kazz feat Eddie Mordero – Muzaik

Dishing out music straight out of capital city, Mexican talents Kazz and Eddie Mordero seem to be two promising producers who are on the rise in their country. While fairly new to the scene if their music output is to be believed, the two seem more focused on delivering quality over quantity. An assured pair for contending against the Rising Talents in Mexico list we curated before, Kazz and Eddie Mordero have established quite a precedent to follow with their latest track titled ‘Muzaik’.

Founded on a powerful and driving beat-work, the track ticks all the boxes for being a smashing hit if its overture is to be considered a blueprint. Barring that, the track features moments of pure brilliance – in the build up to the first drop and in the break where the two Mexican producers showcase what they are capable of when given the freedom at their production desks. The break is grand to say the least – beginning with an enchanting melody that breaks into a festival like roar before delivering the second drop. All in all, a perfect track to rule the big stages across the globe, Kazz and Eddie Mordero have nothing short of a main-stage juggernaut in the shape of ‘Muzaik’.

The track is available as a Free Download at the artists’ Soundcloud accounts here.

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