KSHMR releases new Samples and Presets pack along with 7 Skies

Sure to be one of the releases of the coming years for producers world over, it is with utmost hype that KSHMR has released another sound/sample pack this week. Combining forces with fellow producer and Standalone-Music head honcho 7 Skies, the L.A. based ‘Secrets‘ hit-maker has worked with actual instruments to combine their acoustics with the essentials of Electronic Dance music to provide aspiring producers and budding talents the right tools to hone their talent and build constructively to emulate success quite like his.

Titled the ‘Symphony – Serum Hybrid Orchestra,’ the sample and presets pack sees the two adept producers take real instruments and record them and depict them, accordingly, into wave-tables and make them available to use for producers – an aspect of production which had till now been out of reach for a majority of producers due to the high costs of such packages. The final product contains 160 presets and over 50 wave-tables – the former providing a large base to work with and the latter allowing the producers to try their own hand at synthesizing instruments to use them for production. All in all, the sample and presets pack release is quite a watershed for the production community and will surely allow upcoming producers to climb into uncharted musical territories.

You can check out the entire Symphony-Serum Hybrid Orchestra pack on Splice here.

This Monday. Unlike any synth soundset you’ve heard before

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