Madeon confirms new music but not like ‘Adventure’

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Hugo Pierre Leclercq better known by his stage name as Madeon shot to fame through his YouTube video ‘Pop Culture’ with a 39 song on-the-fly mix using a Novation Launchpad, racking up millions of views in a short few days. It has since catapulted the career for the young music producer and songwriter.

Last Tuesday Leclercq celebrated his 23rd birthday, sharing a Facebook post with comments thanking his fans for all the birthday messages. In his Facebook post, the French DJ also explained as to why he recently became ever so silent over social media. Madeon is working on new music.

Madeon said, “I’ve been quiet because i’m immersing myself making this new music”. It comes as the DJ has more time to work on his music since spending a dedicated year to the Porter Robinson and Madeon “Shelter” live show.

The mastermind behind ‘Icarus’ admits his new music is not like his last work from his studio album ‘Adventure’ which was released back in 2015. It is promising to see that Madeon really cares about the music he is producing and we will be able to know more all about it ‘in due time’.

Check out his Facebook post below and keep up to date with his Social media here.