Pendulum return to play first live show since 2012

A full half decade on from announcing their hiatus from live shows, the people of Ultra Korea were given the most pleasant of surprises as Rob Swire and the Pendulum gang returned to the stage for a stunning live show.

Having announced that they would be taking a break from live shows for the foreseeable future in 2012, Swire chose to focus on the newly formed Knife Party, whilst fellow member El Hornet continued to perform Pendulum DJ sets, though without the same vigour of their acclaimed live performances.

Having performed a half and half reunion in 2015 for Ultra Music Festival, playing half as Pendulum and half as Knife Party (with a deadmau5 cameo), Ultra then announced the news everybody was waiting for, with the band set to fully reunite for the Road To Ultra series. The stunning live show, which featured classic hits such as ‘Witchcraft’ and ‘The Vulture’ will only whet the appetite of fans further, who will hope this now becomes a regular occurrence once more.

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