Premiere: Spinnin’ Sessions 216 Guestmix – Waka Flocka Flame, DJ Whoo Kid, Wildfellaz & Arman Cekin – Can’t Slave Me

Spinnin’ Sessions is back with another episode full of massive tracks but this time around, the weekly radio show treats its listeners with some of the best trap and bass productions. In collaboration with Spinnin’ Records‘ newest sub-label Trap City, this week’s mix delivers an array of past, current, and future bangers that altogether provide an electrifying auditory experience.

Along with Spinnin’ Sessions’ first half, a guest mix from a star-studded cast is featured. The special guests for the show include Dutch producer and DJ Arman Cekin, hip-hop DJ Whoo Kid, up-and-coming duo Wildfellaz, and American rapper Waka Flocka Flame, who all collaborated for Trap City’s upcoming release “Can’t Slave Me”. With such prominent names listed under this episode’s lineup, fans are definitely in for a thrilling roller coaster ride from start to finish.

The mix kicks off with YOOKiE’s mesmerizing track “Chango” and keeps the fire burning with records from Ape Drums and Bassjackers. Jauz’s collaboration with Eptic on “Get Down” and with Ephwurd on “Rock the Party” are also played, as well as a couple of Trap City ID’s. Additionally, this week’s pick from the Spinnin’ Talent Pool is ΛLCHEMY’s remix of QUINTINO and NERVO’s “Lost In You” and from Spotify is Snavs’ “End With You”.

The first half of the show concludes with Eptic‘s floor-shaking tune “Eat My Dust” and transitions onto the guest mix, which opens up with Trap City’s inaugural release from Waka Flocka Flame, DJ Whoo Kid, Wildfellaz and Arman Cekin, this new track called “Can’t Slave Me” is set to cause tremors across the globe once it has officially released. The rest of the mix consists of more trap and bass tracks that complete this must-listen Spinnin’ Sessions episode.

After rising as one of YouTube’s most popular channels, Trap City has finished a deal to become one of Spinnin’ Records’ official sub-labels. With over 7.5 million subscribers on YouTube, Trap City has finally taken a big step by joining forces with one of electronic dance music’s biggest record labels. We Rave You recently sat down and spoke to Trap City’s co-founder Gabriel Isik about this new venture, and had a short interview which you can read below.

How did the whole idea of “Trap City” come about? Tell us about the inception and birth of the channel

Idmon Yildiz hit me (Gabriel Isik) up saying he wanted to start a trap music channel with his classmate. At that time I was listening to trap music too, so I told Idmon ’F*ck your classmate, let’s do it together.’ I immediately went to his house so we could brainstorm. I came up with the name Trap City, Idmon was pretty good with graphics and design so he made the logo, visuals and pretty much the entire branding in just a few hours, and we launched Trap City that same night. We uploaded some of our favorite songs on YouTube and started promoting it everywhere. Electronic trap music was still considered a niche genre, but it got some hype to it thanks to the ‘Original Don’ remix by Flosstradamus. Our goal was to collect the best trap music and post it on our channel so the listeners could easily find it all in one place.

What was the track that really put Trap City on the map and on the path to being what it is today?

It was not just one track that put Trap City on the map. We didn’t post too much music in the early days. We are very picky. Sometimes we didn’t post music for a week. We only wanted to post the best of the best music on our channel. I think it’s our music selection and hard work that put Trap City on the map and on the path to being what Trap City is today. Of course, thanks to all the great artists for making all the beautiful music, without the music there wouldn’t be a Trap City. Our most viewed song on the channel is ‘Keys N Krates – Dum Dee Dum (JiKay Remix)’ with 167 million+ views.

To top the previous question, what have been some of your greatest accomplishments of Trap City?

We love music and being able to make a living out of it and travel the world is a huge accomplishment to us. It’s almost been five years since we started Trap City and in these five years we’ve managed to get Trap City to almost 8 million subscribers on YouTube. We work together with major labels such as Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Sony and more. We work together with some of our favorite artists & management companies. We have a great YouTube MCN ‘The District’ run by Josh Carr-Hilton and now we’re launching our label Trap City in partnership with Spinnin Records & Far East Movement. These are some great accomplishments for us.

Speaking of achievements, congratulations on the new deal with Spinnin’ Records? When and how did you guys decide to work together, and what are some of your visions for the future being teamed up with the largest dance music label in the world?

Thank you very much. James from Far East Movement introduced me to Spinnin’s head A&R. I was a manager at that time, so I wanted to send him some demo’s for Spinnin Records. We’ve been e-mailing back and forth and I sent him some music including ‘Waka Flocka, DJ Whoo Kid, Wildfellaz & Arman Cekin – Can’t Slave Me’. He liked it and Spinnin’ decided they want to release it. They invited me and Arman Cekin to the Spinnin’ Records office to meet up and discuss the release. During that meeting, Spinnin’ Records came with the idea to start the Trap City label. We thought it was a great idea and definitely the next big step for Trap City. We wanted to include Far East Movement in this label as well because we’ve worked together for years and they are our favorite people to work with.

With an established brand, there’s always a demand to bring something fresh to the table, especially now with the channel’s growth and the new imprint. Are there any other major moves planned for the brand you can tell us about?

Our goal has always been to not follow the trend, but rather set the trend for new music. For now our focus will be on the label. We’re working on new merchandise that you can expect anytime soon and we’re working on something that we can’t say anything about it yet.

Check out the official We Rave You premiere of Spinnin’ Sessions 216 below.