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Dutch superstar Sander van Doorn

Sander van Doorn – Mant Array

Home Uncategorized Sander van Doorn – Mant Array

Dutch superstar Sander van Doorn has returned with another truly unique, genre-pushing, encapsulating tune in the form of ‘Mant Array‘. Boasting influences from trance & techno, Sander van Doorn combines the best of both worlds to come away with an excellent new product!

An inundation of rasping pluck synths distends to a fever pitch in the teasing intro, with a sleek electronic beat hammering into play soon after. Epic synths steadily ascend in conjunction with fx to seamlessly create an epic transition into what is a gargantuan breakdown. The gently distorted electro melody is supplemented by jagged solid bass tones and a pitter-patter percussive rhythm, emphatically exploding into glorious life as the drop hits like a wrecking ball. The lead line phases and filters up and down as the various layers adhere to create a thick crescendo of electronic noise.

‘Mant Array’ isn’t the only floor-filler Sander has blessed fans with in recent times. Tracks such as ‘WTF‘ with HI-LO which sat atop the Beatport charts for a staggering 4 weeks, and ‘Raise Your Hands Up‘ with Chocolate Puma which peaked at no. 4 on the Beatport chart, have been hugely successful; a great testament to the Dutchman’s prodigious success.

Sander’s summer is well underway and his new anthem is leaving fans in awe during his captivating sets across the world. Locking in festivals such as Tomorrowland, UNTOLD, Dreamstate, Mysteryland and New Horizons, Sander will visit Ibiza to bless the newly opened Hï Ibiza with his signature sound, as well as a number of Blackout and Cream shows that will blow minds in Amnesia.

Listen to Sander van Doorn’s newest masterpiece below and order right here:

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