Skrillex – Voltage (Slushii Remix)

Fresh off of making his Electric Daisy Carnival debut this past weekend, the young sensation Slushii just released his heavy-hitting remix of Skrillex’s classic, ‘Voltage.’ After teasing the release and placing the track on his Soundcloud, it was unfortunately pulled, however, the track is still available for streaming through third-party uploads.

Emerging onto the scene with his incredible productions, Slushii has quickly made a name for himself in the electronic music industry. Partnering with the likes of Marshmello and providing stellar remixes for the Chainsmokers, Jack Ü, and Kayzo, his tracks provide a wide-range of sounds, covering trap, dubstep, and others.

For his latest remix, Slushii took on one of Skrillex’s classics, ‘Voltage.’ Featuring the same vocal loop as ‘Cinema,’ ‘Voltage’ provided a gentle build to one of Skrillex’s hardest hitting dubstep drops. His remix focuses on the same philosophy, opening with a stellar piano melody paired with the vocals. As the track beings to build, the drums provide another layer to the beat and the record takes off to another world. Hitting full stride at the drop, the beat will provide a new headbanger anthem for fans.

Slushii’s remix of Skrillex’s dubstep classic ‘Voltage’ will hopefully be back once again on his official account for downloads. Until then, fans will have to eagerly await his full-length LP that seems to be just around the corner after a string of tweets last night.