Steve Angello vs AN21 & Sebjak’s “Gods” turns 3 years old

Three years ago ‘Gods‘ by Steve Angello vs AN21 & Sebjak was released. Angello’s influence over the the single is predominant, with classic Swedish House Mafia-esque synths, percussion elements, and even a drop in the middle—it’s something of a cousin to SHM’s ‘Greyhound.’

Angello’s is perhaps Swedish House Mafia‘s rogue member, ready to leave the group while it was on top, as chronicled in their documentary Leave the World Behind. Released on the heels of this last chapter of the iconic Swedish electronic dance music trio, ‘Gods’ therefore represents what Angello had in mind for his solo career at that point: collaboration with other artists outside of the SHM trio. However, he has not left the past behind because he later collaborated with original member Eric Prydz (think Pete Best’s role as an early member of the Beatles).

Gods‘ history extends into the summer of 2013, when he crafted the song with AN21 and Sebjak, the former who happens to be Angello’s brother, the latter related as well. Playing it early in his sets over that period of time, Angello wound up releasing the track as a single in its own right.

While fans may mourn the loss of SHM—and rumors will continue to abound of a reunion, even with Alesso taking Angello’s place—the members of the group have been successful on their own. Axwell /\ Ingrosso has released many successful, buoyant, upbeat singles and played the main stages of festivals worldwide. And, of course, the music itself remains a testament to the group’s place in EDM history.