Up-and-coming Italian production duo Suvenir release their debut track titled "Destiny", which is now available on Spotify and iTunes.

Suvenir – Destiny

Suvenir have just made their debut as a new project with the release of their latest single. For their inaugural track, the Italian duo has dropped an impressive new production in the form of “Destiny“.

Making a huge splash in the dance music scene, Suvenir are yet two more bright, up-and-coming exports from the city of Milan. Prior to joining forces, both producers took part in two separate ventures, creating tracks for major record labels such as Universal Music, Big & Dirty Records, and Eclipse Records.

In terms of Suvenir’s musical style, their sounds are quite unique and remarkable. These two talents combine elements from trap, pop, and future bass, providing an overall modern feel to the audience. Uninfluenced by others, Suvenir’s willingness to deviate from the norm will undoubtedly make them stand out in this highly competitive business.

For their first track as a duo, Suvenir released their incredible new tune called “Destiny”. With its blend of trap, pop, and future bass sounds, this track effectively displays the versatility Suvenir possesses as music producers and delivers an unparalleled listening experience from start to finish. Especially with the combination of the striking female vocals with the synths, melodies, and beats, “Destiny” overall is a masterpiece suitable for any radio show or club environment.

Listen to the track through Spotify below.