Up-and-coming Italian producer Alexenn takes his talents to Blue Forest Recordings to release his latest single titled "All Night Long".

Alexenn – All Night Long

Alessandro Neri, or better known as Alexenn, is yet another one of Italy’s most talented exports. Recently proving his prowess to the world once again, the Italian DJ and producer is back with another groovy track titled “All Night Long“, just in time for this summer’s festivals and club events.

Alexenn has had a fascinating musical journey since his childhood. From the piano to percussion, the Rimini-based talent has gained the skills to stand out as an artist in this business. Thus, ever since his teenage years, Alexenn has been performing at some of the region’s biggest nightclubs such as Room 26 in Rome and The Club in Milan.

As a producer, Alexenn has also presented a few first-rate tracks, including his edit “How They Woods” and his original single on Digital Empire Records called “Come In Time”. Taking his talents to the record label Blue Forest Recordings, Alexenn has released his invigorating new track “All Night Long”.

Featuring an impeccable combination of old-school house and modern progressive elements, this tune packs a vast amount of energy suitable for any rave atmosphere. With a catchy beat and a repetitive chord sequence, the track will surely make any listener dance from start to finish. Especially with the addition of the lively vocals, expect “All Night Long” to light up any club event in the future.

“All Night Long” is out now on Blue Forest Recordings and you can download/stream it here.