Alpha 9 – Skin

Russian Producer/DJ Arty has returned under his alter-ego Alpha 9, to present an emphatic progressive trance track ‘Skin‘, released on the Anjunabeats label. Arty, whose real name is Artyom Stoliarov, initially started out producing progressive trance, but diverted towards more commercial material upon signing with American label Insomniac in 2014.

The track doesn’t follow a typical Intro – Build Up – Drop – Break – Build Up -Drop formula. After the powerful 30-second intro, a 2-minute break/build up ascends towards an epic climactic drop, filled with warm synths and uplifting chord progressions. The build up commences with gorgeous pulsating, reverb-soaked pluck-synths. Stoliarov makes excellent use of stereo separation and panning to give the pluck-synths a much more widened feel.

Pads then gradually enter from approximately the 1-minute mark, which help contribute to the already wide feel that the pluck-synths convey. Together, they immerse listeners in a compelling world of blissful ambience. However, once the build-up arrives, it becomes clear that the drop is imminent, and proceeds to hit with immense force.

With more music forthcoming from Arty at Above & Beyond Group Therapy 250, it is expected that it will be as exceptional as ‘Skin’.

Be sure to listen to Arty’s exceptional new track below, and purchase it here.

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