Avicii previews upcoming new single ‘Lonely Together’

The release of Avicii‘s much-awaited, new music is getting closer and once again, the Swedish producer has provided another snippet of one of his forthcoming singles. On Instagram, he posted a short video showcasing the beautiful scenery at Machu Picchu, Peru and the song playing in the background is his production entitled “Lonely Together“.

Avicii wrote the caption, “New music coming very (very) soon!”, hinting at its possible release within the next few months. Additionally, the Stockholm native put the titles of his other tracks as hashtags, including “Friend of Mine”, “What Would I Change It To”, “Without You”, and “You Be Love”, which are likely to all take part in his upcoming studio album or extended play.

Despite the rumors that Avicii will drop his third studio album this year, there have also been speculations of the release of two separate EPs instead. According to a leaked note from a meeting between Avicii and Universal Music Sweden, the dance music legend is set to release one EP in September and the other in October.

Aside from focusing on his music inside the studio, Avicii has also worked alongside many different writers and musicians, including the iconic Nile Rodgers. Even after retiring from touring, Avicii has still kept himself busy and his hard work over the past year will finally pay off especially once his music is released.

Check out the snippet of “Lonely Together” below.