You can own Daft Punk’s synthesizer

The synthesizer legendary electronica duo Daft Punk used to record the drum beats for their album Homework is listed for sale in an auction on Facebook. The Roland TR-909 belonged to Daft Punk member Thomas Bangalter and as an additional incentive for the one lucky fan who wins the auction, the original presets for the album will be included.

The seller is listed as Vintage & Analogue Occassion, and the bids are around $10,000. How the seller came into possession of the equipment is uncertain. In their post, they explained “after a long reflection, we have decided to put up for sale the famous” synthesizer used by Daft Punk.

The drum machine in particular inspired and was used to creative the percussive beats of track ‘Revolution 909‘ from the Homework album, released as a single twenty years ago in 1997.

Daft Punk remains an elusive and enigmatic presence in the world of electronica, donning their iconic helmets in lieu of revealing their true appearance. Although fans remain clamoring for French producers and DJs to release a new album, and rumors of a tour continue to abound. Most recently, they collaborated with The Weeknd for his smash hit ‘Starboy.’

Check out the post from Facebook below and bid to win:

♦ Après une longue réflexion nous avons décidé de mettre en vente la fameuse Roland TR-909 de Thomas Bangalter des Daft…

Posted by Vintage & Analogue Occasion on Tuesday, June 27, 2017