Dada Life release their own brand of Champagne and it’s on sale now

Swedish duo Dada Life, consisting of Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom, have taken an innovative step with their brand by taking it somewhere most DJs and producers haven’t. Dada Life have announced that they have created a new a champagne with inspiration coming from their own logo which contains bananas and champagne. Both items have been symbols of Dada Life for years now and so by making their own champagne, the items have become more relevant than ever before. When Olle Cornéer was asked about the process of testing the champagne, Corneer said the following:

“Oh yeah, we tried it against famous brands and I don’t want to name any because you don’t do that, but we tried it against brands, both blind tasting and when it comes to spraying. And it wins all categories.”

The pair have revealed that they have been working with champagne creators in Champagne, France for just over two years and managed to get their brand approved by the board makers. You can definitely expect to see how well the champagne sprays in their upcoming shows as that’s what the duo are known for.

Follow the link in Dada Life’s description to buy the champagne and use the code ‘BANANAS’ for $10 off