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David Guetta responds to criticism and reveals his thoughts about EDM

David Guetta is one of EDM’s most successful figures, and as such his brand of commercial electronic dance music has garnered criticism from jaded fans. In a recent interview with The Independent, he responded criticisms while also revealing that he is tired of commercial EDM.

Guetta has had a long and historic career, functioning a something of an ambassador for the genre in the mid-00s when it exploded on the world music charts, thanks in part to his iconic singles like ‘When Love Takes Over.’ Guetta reminisced about the time when house music was more experimental and seeks a return in the genre to that creativity. From his lofty vantage point he sees artists embracing experimentation in place of similar-sounding music:

“This is what dance music is meant to be, and I love it. I can remember when I started to make house music, it’s because I didn’t like that pop music was so formatted. When EDM became more formulaic than pop I thought ‘This is crazy!’.”

Guetta is perhaps conflicted between the demands of commercial success/business and this new burst of creativity. His recent releases include pop music’s most mainstreams stars: ‘2U‘ features Justin Bieber, and he remixedVersace on the Floor‘ for Bruno Mars. His unabashed embrace of the mainstream is greeted with derision by some music aficionados. Guetta remains unfazed, crediting this to wanting an international, rather than just a “French” sound:

“When I started to make music and cross over I started to receive some criticism. So I said, ‘look, I’m not trying to be credible, I’m trying to be in-credible’.”

Guetta is intrigued by how Ibiza‘s party scene still retains its blockbuster shows with the world’s best DJs, but also the underground house music clubs have seen A-List attendance. Perhaps the White Isle, ever a mecca for the most famous and undiscovered in dance music, is an apt symbol for Guetta himself.