David Guetta

David Guetta delights pop fans at Tomorrowland

David Guetta, one of EDM’s best-known and most-successful DJs and producers, delivered a set of his iconic pop hits at Tomorrowland this year in Boom, Belgium.

Arguably the genre’s greatest crossover success, Guetta is the man behind the magic for some of pop music’s biggest singles in at the close of last decade and the beginning of this one. Fans of these hits would not have been disappointed with his set at Tomorrowland, with no hit left off the setlist.

He closed with ‘Without You,’ his single featuring Usher‘s vocals, and throughout the set included his productions for the Black Eyed Peas, including the inescapable ‘I Gotta Feeling‘, ‘Titanium‘ with Sia, ‘Hey Mama‘ with Nicki Minaj and ‘Bad‘ with EDM-vocalist of choice Vassy. And proving that he might not be as bored of crossover tracks as he claims, he even included his newest single ‘2U‘, a collaboration with Justin Bieber.

Big Room House may be the jaded fan’s or critic’s subgenre of choice to criticize, but if Guetta’s set was any indication, it was no less popular than in previous eras. Remixes and collaborations with Yellow Claw and Afrojack evidenced this during Guetta’s set.

An interesting standout was the French DJ’s mashup of M83‘s signature song ‘Midnight City‘ and The Chainsmokers‘ ‘Paris.’ Guetta masterfully improved the track by replacing The Chainsmokers’ cookie-cutter chords with the beautiful synths from the M83 original—Guetta demonstrated its quite possible to embrace both indie cred and commercial appeal in one stroke.

Watch David Guetta’s set from this year’s Tomorrowland below: