deadmau5: “I know how to save Soundcloud”

Never one to shy away from sharing his point of view, opinionated Canadian superstar deadmau5 has taken to Twitter to explain his plan for saving Soundcloud. The music sharing and streaming site is in severe trouble right now, with recent We Rave You news revealing that the site may soon be forced to close down.

But the ‘Strobe’ producer, says he knows how to prevent such closure of the Belgian company, which recently let 40% of its staff go. The electro DJ and producer launched into a multi-tweet rant, where he claimed the company should instead have made itself a licensing platform for independent labels and artists. As he points out, any “free” service comes with some kind of hidden fee.

He goes on to say, in typical deadmau5 fashion, that:

“In summary, sure. I could turn the SoundCloud sh*tshow (sic) around with a decent team. But why fix someone else’s f*ckup (sic) after paying for it?”

Check out the series of tweets from the ‘Sofi Needs A Ladder’ producer below, and let us know your thoughts on this issue. Does the Mau5 make a valid point? Or this another case of classic Joel’s social media antics?

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