Deadmau5 showcases unreleased single in recent livestream

Recently, Deadmau5 has seemed to have steered away from his original style and sound as he has ventured into a more experimental world. Evidence for this comes from his occasional techno sets and his move to bring back his alter ego ‘Test Pilot‘, in which he performs a lot more underground music. As a result, we are seeing Deadmau5 produce music in ways which we have never heard before and with his lengthy history in the music industry, we know he’s not going to disappoint and so many people are hugely excited about this.

In one of his most recent streams, Deadmau5 live streamed a brand new song which fans have named ‘Midas’s Heel’ for the time being. The beat is infused with elements of hip hop, almost sounding ready for a rapper to jump onto the track. Surrounding this beat are dark atmospheric synth sounds as well as sinister glitches and even strings which give the track an unbelievable amount of depth. Deadmau5 has truly perfected this classy bit of work.

Listen to the dark industrial masterpiece in the link below and let us know what you think in the comments. Is he going in the right direction?