Enrico Sangiuliano – Astral Projection

For Enrico Sangiuliano, producing music with intricate perfection has become customary as the DJ continues to deliver time and time again with his music. Since his childhood, Enrico has had a passion for music running through him, coupled with his desire to create music and sounds through everyday objects.

Now as Drumcode continues its commitment to releasing the significantly best and latest tracks in techno, Enrico’s latest track ‘Astral Projection’ has dropped, and it’s astronomical. Since his latest track back in November, the Italian talent sought inspiration from his travels through the winter months that transcended into his production.

‘Astral Projection’ is a masterpiece. The track is an exemplary piece of music which demonstrates not only creativity but innovative design, emotion, and feeling. The track title instantly identifies with a sense of expedition and voyage to the journey it has taken through production, much relating to Enrico’s travels.

With its big room techno sound, the tracks deep reverberations increasingly rumble alongside the sinister and crisp percussive drive. Low-end textures latch to the ear drum as the groove laden synths define the tracks character. ‘Astral Projection’ breaks down into a delicate amalgamation of synths and pads while the track progresses with its unique intensity. The astounding sounds lead to the vocals as the drop sends the track to another level and the mind deeper into its musical journey.

‘Astral Projection’ may well be the biggest techno track to hit this summer. Already a massive hit, the track received a near five-month road testing by Drumcode architect Adam Beyer and has seen copious success.

Check out more about Italian DJ Enrico Sangiuliano by following the music producer here and give a listen below to his new track ‘Astral Projection’.