Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz set for new Cirez D music with ‘New Mouseville Coming’

It has so far been another epic year for music producer and DJ Eric Prydz who continues to deliver the dancing goods. Staying true to his sound in an ever-changing music industry, Prydz remains one of the most in-demand and consistent DJs to date. As well as spinning under his two alias, Pryda and Cirez D, the Swedish sensation has produced an arsenal of tracks under his music labels Mousville, Pryda and Pryda Friends.

In the latest news from the world of Eric Prydz, Mouseville looks set to drop its first music of 2017 after the ‘Opus’ mastermind posted online a picture of his iconic blue Mouseville logo with the words ‘New Mouseville coming’. Typically music from his Mouseville imprint goes released under the alias Cirez D, Eric’s deep and darker techno side.

Currently, no more information regarding the post has been released, however, those who tune into recent episodes of his Epic radio sets will have heard a number of unreleased and unidentified Cirez D tracks.

What we can expect from Eric Prydz is nothing short of spectacular when it comes to the music he produces. Cirez D already holds the roost with tracks such as the lethal and potent sounded ‘Backlash’ and the energetic and fan favorite ‘On Off’. Earlier this year Prydz once again demonstrated why he is at the top of his game with his latest installment of the Epic series, Epic 5.0 which set the bar both musically and visually.

It looks to be a waiting game for when we find out just what new music from Mouseville is coming. In the meantime make sure you keep an intensive watch on Eric Prydz by following his Facebook here.