Joseph Capriati

Joseph Capriati speaks about the effect Carl Cox has had on his life

Italian DJ Joseph Capriati has recently spoken to Ibiza Voice to describe his relationship with the legendary DJ Carl Cox. The Italian house and techno star has long been a friend and follower of Cox, and the two have played alongside each other on numerous occasions.

Taking time to describe the current state of affairs in techno, Capriati said

“It’s in a good place. There are more people listening to techno which makes it more popular but real techno is always in the same position. There is always a generational turnover of people and new technology. Techno is more ‘accessible’ than it used to be because of the internet and it’s up to you, how you experience techno. You decide where and how to listen to techno.”

Describing his relationship with Cox, the artist from Naples said:

“I learn from Carl everyday. He teaches me many sides of the DJ life in general which I never experienced before. Since I met him, I feel more calm, balanced, relaxed and I know why I am here. Making people dance is a mission for me. He just put me on the right path and I follow his example of how to play everywhere I go; the right music at the right moment and also living my own life the way I do.

“As a DJ, he is the best in the whole world. Nobody could ever manage again to do what he did or does right now. I think he is the greatest personality I’ve met in my life and I don’t say that because he’s Carl Cox ‘the best DJ in the world’ but his personality really changed me.”

Capriati also revealed some of his plans for the future, adding:

“I am working on an album right now and will have probably finished it by next winter so I am gonna release it in 2018 and there will many collaborations with legends like Louie Vega or Eric Kupper. Techno will of courses play a big part but I’m working really hard to make something that will surprise people.”

Source: DJ Mag