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Justice reveals David Guetta Releases Music Under Unknown Aliases

Famed French duo Justice, who comprise of Gaspard Auge and Xavier De Rosnay, came into the spotlight with D.A.N.C.E in 2007. D.A.N.C.E became recognised internationally and spread at rapid speed in 2007. In a recent interview with CSTAR, Justice revealed that David Guetta releases music under aliases that fans do not yet suspect.

In the interview, the duo were asked to choose between the likes of Vitalic and David Guetta. De Rosnay naturally answered “Vitalic” but instantly went on to explain that Guetta releases really good music under alternative aliases. Unfortunately, the interview below is in French, with French subtitles, however, with the assistance of Google Translate, De Rosnay explains that “Guetta made a strange choice releasing really, really good music under fake names.”

In recent years, Guetta has been subject to the butt-end of many jokes regarding his more commercial-radio inspired releases; some of which include ‘When Love Takes Over‘ with Kelly Rowland, ‘Dangerous‘ with Sam Martin and ‘Hey Mama‘ with Bebe RexhaNicki Minaj and Afrojack, just to name a few. However, David Guetta’s contributions to the EDM scene are often overlooked and have since gone unseen. The Frenchman will turn 50 this November, marking 33 years of dedication to helping shape the dance music industry as it is today. From organising small parties in France, to selling Platinum certified albums, David Guetta has seen and done it all.

For those who speak French, watch Justice’s quick interview below.


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