KSHMR & Maurice West – Festival of Lights

KSHMR has a new single called ‘Festival of Lights‘ that serves as the inaugural release on his new record label, Dharma.

Festival‘ is in keeping with his exploration of world music sounds, with the Hindi female vocals and exotic traces. It’s pure KSHMR though, as booming synths create a club and main stage ready tune.

The track began with a demo submission from newcomer Maurice West, who laid the foundation for the later additions. Indeed, West’s demo was so integral to the project that it served as the inspiration and basis for KSHMR’s new EP Materia. Materia will be released as Dharma’s first extended play, and promoted with singles including ‘Festival of Lights.’ The EP is set for release on 4 August.

The lead single is an homage to Diwali, the Indian festival celebrating the triumph of light over darkness. Held every Autumn, Diwali is a time of celebration and the single ‘Festival of Lights‘ matches this mood.

Dharma Worldwide is a new initiative to create a place for music released with a world vibe. The record label will cultivate content and a roster of artists in this vein.

Listen to the track below: