KSHMR talks about his background, American DJs, Spinnin’ and more in insightful interview

Niles Hollowell-Dhar, also known as KSHMR, is without doubt one of the most talked-about producers in dance music history. Through his unique style, he maintains his position as one of the most enterprising producers out there. Recently, KSHMR sat down for an interview in China where he opened up about several subjects close to his heart.

KSHMR surprised viewers by revealing that he wasn’t brought up listening to dance music, in fact he was introduced to artists like The Beatles and Bob Marley growing up.

“I used to find dance music really cheesy, and then I found myself up to my shoulders in it”

He also discusses the differing views on dance music around the world, explaining his love for the way varying cultures put their own imprint on the genre.

“It’s really interesting to see other cultures, to whom dance music is somewhat newer, and see how they approach it with a kind of respectably naive take.”

KSHMR also discusses his background, and the influence it has had on his music. Through listening to his take on the world of music production, it is clear how talented and open-minded he is, while always showing respect towards different artists. He also talks about the help Spinnin’ Records gave him when he was starting out, when they listened to his ideas and decided to give him a chance, a decision which certainly turned out to be the right one.

Watch KSHMR’s full interview here.

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