Like Mike takes on the FPIA in dramatic Twitter feud

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have always been a source of controversy within the industry, dividing opinions with their style. Though the duo have a huge dedicated fanbase, they also face a huge amount of criticism online daily. Things took a turn yesterday when Like Mike lashed out at Twitter account ‘The FPIA‘ (Fake Producers Intelligence Agency), after their comments regarding him and his brother Dimitri Vegas.

The FPIA twitter account regularly posts about artists that allegedly use ghost producers. Though the information is unconfirmed, the account has racked up over 11,000 followers, and has spent the last few years publishing opinions on several artists in the industry.

The feud began with a conversation stating that Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike were not able to produce music, which caught the attention of Like Mike, who jumped into the conversation to hit back at the FPIA.

The debate quickly descended into insults, although Like Mike did post this tweet, appearing to hint that he and Dimitri Vegas do use ghost producers, although the tweet may have been misconstrued.

Like Mike also responded to accusations regarding KSHMR, hitting back at the FPIA, who quickly responded refusing to back down.

Although Like Mike received a lot of negative tweets during the debate back and forth, with many agreeing with the FPIA’s opinion, Breathe Carolina jumped to the Belgian’s defense, alongside many adoring fans.

With both sides firmly sticking to their views it is unclear exactly which statements are true, and which are false, but one thing is for certain,  the ghost producer debate is well and truly alive and kicking, and will continue to be a huge part of the dance music industry into the future.

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