Maarten Vorwerk

Maarten Vorwerk unveils unique book of over 150 ‘Vorwerk Tips’

One of the most well-known ‘Ghost Producers’ in the dance scene, Dutch dance producer Maarten Vorwerk is responsible for some of the biggest tracks in dance music history. With a discography consisting of more than 400 tracks, Vorwerk has spent much of the past decade helping to kickstart several DJ careers with his flawless productions.

Talking to We Rave You in an exclusive interview back in January, Maarten Vorwerk stated that being a DJ had never appealed to him, and that he’d rather help aspiring DJs instead. Now, the Dutchman has released a brand new book packed with 3 years of Vorwerk production tips. Published as an E-book, as well as a hard copy, the anthology of handy music tips and tricks is available at most regular book outlets, such as Amazon and Ibookstore.

Speaking about the release, Maarten told us:

“In March 2014 I started my weekly blog on Facebook, the #Vorwerk #TipOfTheWeek series.

With these tips I want to provide everybody the knowledge they need to become a better producer and give them a better view of the music industry. For the last 3 years I’ve written down 156 Tips and bundled them all together in this book.

All the tips in here are meant to help you underway. To improve your mixing skills, to see different approaches for the same problem, to make you a better producer and to make you aware of some of the business things you should know. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this will be your ultimate handbook.”

This prized possession is sure to be on the bookcase of every major and minor DJ and producer, so be sure to grab your own copy now from the official Maarten Vorwerk shop!

Maarten Vorwerk

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