Man kicked out of ZHU’s BLACKLIZT party for wearing white

ZHU‘s highly anticipated BLACKLIZT party finally took place in Brooklyn, New York on the June 24. However, whilst opening up the performance, ZHU spotted a man wearing white, which happened to be against the event concept’s dress code. Fans were required to be dressed in all black but a lone wolf with a white hat defied ZHU’s wishes at BLACKLIZT.

As the American-Chinese producer dawned the mic to address the crowd and thank the lot for coming, ZHU pointed out the white hat wearing audience member. The crowd quickly began chanting “kick him out” and it looks like the man seemed to comply.

For months, the mysterious producer has teased fans about the invite-only event and even went as far as to keep its location hidden until just up to the date; informing fans of details via text message.


H/T: Dancing Astronaut