Dutch superstar Martin Garrix debuts his new deep house project named YTRAM at Tomorrowland's STMPD RCRDS stage this past Sunday, July 23.

Martin Garrix performs at Tomorrowland as new deep house alias YTRAM

Dutch superstar Martin Garrix has constantly proven his versatility by tapping into other avenues and endeavors aside from his solo career as a DJ and producer. A prime example would be his occasional work under the AREA21 project alongside American rapper Maejor, in which the two artists have released “Spaceships”, “Girls”, and most recently, “We Did It”.

During this past Saturday, July 22, at Tomorrowland, Garrix hosted his own STMPD RCRDS stage as the founder of the imprint. The stage witnessed some awe-inspiring performances from the likes of Dyro, Don Diablo, and Steve Angello, along with Garrix closing the night himself. Additionally, the appearance of an artist named YTRAM raised many eyebrows as fans began to wonder who was behind his mask.

According to a Martin Garrix fan page online, Garrix was the one performing as YTRAM, who mostly played deep, bass, and tech house tracks throughout his set. The fact that Garrix and YTRAM wore the same exact attire, besides the mask, and that “YTRAM” is Garrix’s real-life nickname backwards also gave away the possibility that Garrix was behind the new alias.

Not much information is known regarding Garrix’s latest project yet, but at least fans were able to see a small glimpse of what to expect from YTRAM. Check out some of the Instagram stories from the “Martin Garrix Hub” account below.