Ukraine-based music producer Mr. Awesome delivers a hard-hitting new tune titled "King is Back", seamlessly blending elements from electro and future house.

Mr. Awesome – King is Back

Mr. Awesome, one of Ukraine’s finest DJ’s and music producers, has returned with another incredible solo production. This time around, he delivers the electrifying new track called “King is Back“, which is suitable for any club or festival environment.

Consistently producing music for over ten years, Mr. Awesome has gained the experience that will help take his career to entirely new heights. Known for his blend of electro, big room, and future house, he has continuously showcased his talents and has effectively proven his creativity and versatility through his impressive musical releases.

Aside from working with other artists, Mr. Awesome has established his own solo career as well. Within the last year, he released a couple of mashups and a few original tracks under his name. From his progressive house production “Progress” to his electro house banger “Chicks”, Mr. Awesome has presented some top-notch content and he keeps his momentum afloat with the recent release of “King is Back”.

Building up with a synth-heavy progression, the track continues to intensify as it draws closer to the earth-shattering drop. Following the culmination, the massive climatic sequence ensues and delivers an insurmountable amount of energy with its hard-hitting basslines and deafening riffs. Overall, featuring a seamless fusion of electro and future house elements, “King is Back” is a must-listen track and will surely dominate any dance event in the next couple of months.

Check out the track below.