ODESZA releases ‘A Moment Apart’ full tracklist

American DJ duo ODESZA will be releasing their third studio album A Moment Apart on September 8th and we have just been given the full track-list. The project will feature an incredible 16 productions and is filled with plenty of collaborations. In the album’s announcement a few weeks ago, it was also revealed that their album tour would run from September to December so fans have plenty to look forward to. Four singles have already been released in promotion of A Moment Apart, which include “Late Night“, “Corners of the Earth“, “Line of Sight” and “Meridian“.

The track-list features some indie vocalists such as Leon Bridges, Naomi Wild, Regina Spektor and Sasha Sloan. There will definitely be a decent mix of lyrical and instrumental songs as about half of the listed songs include a vocal collaboration. As showcased with their previous releases and the recent previews to the upcoming album, there are no doubts that ODESZA are taking a unique and different route with their album. One aspect that stood out was that they do not have any extremely famous names listed, unlike most albums nowadays, which is why it would be interesting to hear their project in full.

Check out the tracklist below and let us know which song you are most excited for.