Pig & Dan are releasing a new techno EP entitled 'Starting Again.' Collecting four tracks, each one individually stylistic, the duo explore a dark ambience.

Pig & Dan – Starting Again

Techno producers and DJs Pig & Dan have a new EP out entitled ‘Starting Again’ released on their own Elevate label. The minimal techno extended play features four tracks, with each one as an exploration into the territory of dark techno suitable for afterparties and secret raves. The beats for the tracks are dark and inviting.

Opening title track ‘Starting Again‘ builds slowly, culminating in a buildup in the middle. ‘A.M.’ is heavy, with clanging bass and cinematic flourishes. ‘In My Mind‘ is dissonant, and relies upon echoes of ’80s video games, keeping with the duo’s aim to create something with an old-school vibe. Final track ‘Obsession‘ uses repetitive vocals and jingling sounds to create an ambient, eerie feeling that is fitting of the title.

Pig & Dan had this to say of their newest release:

“Starting Again really is a trip down memory lane for the both of us. Uplifting grooves, summer vibes with an old-school twist. Back in the days it was always tracks with vocals that made them memorable, so this is what we wanted to achieve with this smiley faced 4 track EP” 

‘Starting Again’ is out now and you can listen to the entire EP below: