Premiere: Cooperated Souls – Born To Rage

A constant source of quality for the music scene, Fedde Le Grand’s Flamingo Recordings has been up to the mark when it comes to giving up and rising artist the space to innovate and present their music in the way they want. One increasingly eye-catching addition to this long roster of artists is Eindhoven based DJ and producer Cooperated Souls. The Dutchman has seen support from the likes of Oliver Heldens on his single ‘Don’t Stop‘ and Tiesto, Nicky Romero along with Tchami on one his latest Flamingo Recordings release ‘Work Your Body‘ along with label co-founder and taste-maker Funkerman. And now Cooperated Souls is back to his playing ground at Flamingo Recordings with yet another exclusive two-track EP featuring ‘Born To Rage’ and ‘Footwork’.

Supported by Martin Garrix, Axwell & Kryder, the crème de la crème of the industry have nothing but love for the tracks. Nevertheless, the man behind the EP remains level headed as he gives his thoughts:

It is always nice to see names as Martin Garrix, Kryder and Sander van Doorn play your track as part of their podcasts, not only because of the publicity but also because these guys are great producers and DJs themselves, and getting support also means that they like your work which is see as a great compliment.

And he is mostly right, they love it because the EP is a thumping release. One listen to the EP and the listener knows where the Dutchman is arriving at as, in the first track, he borrows equally from House and Techno, laces it with a vocal snippet and seamlessly mashes it all into one great progression. A constantly rumbling groove and a beat-work that won’t let you rest, it is clear that the ‘Born To Rage’ is a track that is set for the clubs across the face of Europe. If words were to be a better representation of the it then here’s what Cooperated Souls had to say about his production:

The main idea of the track is that it keeps building, adding more and more instruments until the last drop where all the energy gets released.

And the track sits in well with the ‘Footwork’ – the other track from the coming EP – which showcases Cooperated Souls go towards the other direction to adopt a more traditional and typical style of production. A game of innovation and simplicity, the EP is a prime reminder of not only his adeptness behind the production desk but also an expression of his ideas through tracks. Although it remains to be seen how far Cooperated Souls will take his potential and talent to deliver in the future but if ‘Born To Rage’ and ‘Footwork’ are a blueprint to what is to come then, rest assured, he is certainly on the right path.

The two-track EP will be out on Flamingo Recordings this Friday, now available for pre-order here.

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