American pop singer JCass releases the EDM version of her newest single titled "Wrapped Up", which features vocals from rapper Bizzy Bone.

Premiere: JCass feat. Bizzy Bone – Wrapped Up (EDM Version)

American singer JCass has just returned with a brand new record titled “Wrapped Up“. Featuring rapper Bizzy Bone, the track combines elements from pop and electronic dance music, which provides a unique and invigorating experience from start to finish.

Jessica Cassidy, or better known as JCass, has taken the music world by storm with her outstanding voice and meaningful lyrics. Through her impressive productions, the urban pop singer has astonished fans and has showcased the type of high-caliber talent she truly is.

After the inventive melodies and superb vocals on her debut single “Get It”, she continued her success with more records including “What You Gonna Do”, “Play In the Dark”, and “Take You Home”. Most recently, JCass dropped the EDM version of her track called “Wrapped Up” and the results are nothing short of amazing.

Opening up with a stunning melodic sequence and JCass’s striking and seductive vocals, this production instantly captures the audience’s attention. With the intensity building up, the track soon transitions into the monstrous electro drop, sending out a massive sea of energy. A short bridge, with the help of Bizzy Bone’s pumping vocals, connects to two climatic sequences together, piecing together a mind-blowing tune for any music fan.

Check out the official We Rave You premiere of “Wrapped Up” below.