Premiere: Rose Villain – Geisha (Swanky Tunes Remix)

Easily recognizable as one of the leading Russian artist group, the Swanky Tunes trio’s rise to fame has been a succinct story of delivering quality alongside quantity, mixing and mashing all kinds of progressive and house styles to deliver the final product in the shape of top notch music. With iconic tracks such as ‘Here We Go‘ with then fellow Russian duo of Hard Rock Sofa and ‘I Need You‘ with Playmore, the trio have made sure to keep their name in the mix. And now the trio of Vadim, Dmitry and Stanislav are back yet again to showcase their production skills in a remix they did for New York based Italian singer/songwriter Rose Villain‘s track ‘Geisha’.

Chirpy and hip from the very start, partly due to the original track’s nature, the Swanky Tunes remix of Milan based Rose Villain’s ‘Geisha’ showcases the Smolensk based trio at their innovative best behind the production desk. A worthy listen for any dance music follower, the remix shapes itself around the original’s pace and entwines the break-beat electro style seamlessly to nurture a seemingly altogether new track. Sure to make it to the top of the charts, the ‘Geisha’ remix is surely another feather in the cap of the Swanky Tunes trio.

Listen to Swanky Tunes‘ remix of Rose Villian‘s track ‘Geisha’ exclusively on We Rave You below:

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