Spinnin' Sessions release their jam-packed 217th episode with a highly anticipated guestmix from Lucas & Steve, Mike Williams, and Curbi.

Premiere: Spinnin’ Sessions 217 – Lucas & Steve, Mike Williams, & Curbi Guestmix

Returning with yet another fresh episode of their weekly radio show, Spinnin’ Records have just unveiled the 217th edition of Spinnin’ Sessions. Every week, the show delivers some of the record label’s biggest current and future tracks to thousands of listeners, and this time is no different. Along with its regularly scheduled program, Spinnin’ Sessions invited Dutch duo Lucas & Steve, Dutch powerhouse Mike Williams, and British up-and-comer Curbi to present a jam-packed guestmix.

The first half of the episode opens up with Tiësto’s AFTR:HRS remix of Snavs and Reaubeau’s “Dreams”, followed by releases from Ferreck Dawn and EDX. The Spinnin’ Talent Pool selection is Robin Rabe’s “Saxoholic” and the Spotify track for this week is Jay Hardway’s “Golden Pineapple”. Other tracks played throughout the show include Chocolate Puma and Moksi’s collaboration on “Hippo” and MAKJ and Michael Sparks’ “Space Jam”, featuring Fatman Scoop.

Lucas & Steve, Mike Williams, and Curbi’s guestmix follows, in which the Spinnin’ Records stars have compiled some of their best productions. Most notably, the guestmix includes their recently released collaborative track titled “Let’s Go”. Lucas & Steve played several of their own records, “These Heights”, “Up Till Dawn”, and “Feel Alive”, Mike Williams brought his energy with his remix of R3hab’s “Trouble” and his single “Step Up” with Tom & Jame, and Curbi concludes the entire show with his track “Bruh” alongside Mesto.

Speaking about their newest track “Let’s Go”, Lucas & Steve stated:

We’d met each other so often at festivals, we were already friends before joining each other in the studio. This resulted in such a good vibe during the production of ‘Let’s Go’, the track seemed to originate by itself. Our goal was to make a record that resembles all of our particular sounds; we think we succeeded and hope our fans hear this too. It’s always a challenge to work in such a large production team, but with everyone’s enthusiasm and talent it actually worked very well. And now, we are ready to hit the festivals with it, Let’s Go!

We Rave You also sat down with Mike Williams and Curbi for an exclusive interview and you can check it out below, along with the premiere of Spinnin’ Sessions 217.

  1. Congratulations on the new release ‘Let’s Go”! How did the three of you decide to work together and what were some of your experiences throughout the process?

Thank you! It was a bit by coincidence, somehow during a writing session we ended up with the four of us in a studio and we came up with the idea. Our styles are pretty cool to combine, so we tried! In the beginning it was difficult, because we really wanted to combine our styles which is difficult because you’re basically working on one computer. But we spent a lot of time on it and we’re happy with the result!

  1. Spinnin’ acts a great hub for up-and-coming producers, what are the main advantages, both personally and from a production point of view, by being on the roster?

It’s great to be part of this roster! They have a lot of experience with other artist and really know how to make the right decisions. On the personal side it’s good to have a big team where you can rely on. And from a production point of view they can give you good feedback about your tracks and ideas.

  1. You rose to stardom following your debut release on Tiësto’s “Musical Freedom” label nearly a year ago. How has that journey been so far? And what have been the highlights of your year so far? 

Mike Williams: It’s crazy that it is only 1 year ago, but a lot of things happened in that year. I did some really cool shows like EDC and Tomorrowland, which is a dream coming true. The music industry is a crazy world, not a lot of people realize that, but I like it!

  1. Tiësto has been responsible for quite a few major success of some of industry’s biggest names such as Oliver Heldens & Hardwell to name a few, and you’ve been under his wings for some time now, collaborating with him on “I Want You”. Working with him, does it motivate you to elevate yourself to the heights those DJs have reached since? And how is he as a mentor?

Mike Williams: Of course! It still surprises me how much positive energy Tiësto has around him. It motivates me a lot to get to the top! At the end it’s still all about the music you make, and how your performance is. Of course someone can help you, like Tiësto, but at the end you have to do it yourself! Tiësto has been a great mentor for me, and still is! I’m super thankful for that.

  1. You’ve just released your sophomore EP “Dash”. Could you tell us how these tracks came to life? Do you have a favourite on the EP, and if so, why?

Curbi: So most of these tracks were just exclusives in my sets, but at shows I got a lot of people come up to me and ask about some of the tracks so I thought it would be cool to do another free EP and give back. My favorite is probably Funki… it’s a fun track to play live and it’s a little bit different to what I usually make.

  1. What is the reason for dance music artists releasing EP’s? Many artists prefer to release individual tracks instead and keep the hype fresh for each one. This is your second EP, so do you feel that this is a way of giving fans more, for example?

Curbi: Exactly, I’m still always releasing individual tracks… but I feel that these free EP’s are a good way of giving back. It’s always good because by doing these EP’s, I can work my way up to an album eventually. That’s a big goal!