Showtek – Amen EP

In an era where there is great political conflict, artists are becoming more charged and vocal with events that are happening around the world. Showtek is the latest artist to join the fray, releasing their two track EP, Amen, focusing on trying times and criminal injustice.

While the Dutch duo is known for their banging, up-tempo beats, the Amen EP focuses on melodies and raw emotion. The title track of the EP focuses blends a wonderful Caribbean sound with a slower beat, with incredible vocals from Freedom Collective, who Showtek had worked with previously on their collaboration with Major Lazer, ‘Believer.’ In duo’s latest track, ‘Amen’ focuses on the hard times that every individual face and fighting to overcome those personal battles. It is an inspirational record that encourages listeners to focus on the bright side of things, not dwell on the darkness.

The second track on the EP, ‘Don’t Shoot’ deals with the rising rates of gun violence around the world. Blending the Caribbean sound with a brass feel, ‘Don’t Shoot’ has a harder feel than ‘Amen’ does, however, it allows the vocals and message to take focus once again, driving its point home. When Billboard asked about the track, Showtek’s description of the message is particularly moving:

“Even though we ourselves haven’t gone through this injustice, or can even relate to how hard it must be, we work closely with diverse cultures and people that have lived these struggles. We can make their voice heard by reaching out to millions of people with our music. We aim to be an example that everyone is united, we are one people, coming together without prejudice.”

Too often, icons in the electronic music industry sit on the side and do not use their elevated positions to speak out against things at are going wrong in the world. Showtek takes a massive step and releases two tracks that focus on hardships in the world today. The Amen EP is one of the boldest pieces of work we have seen in 2017 and should be recognized and applauded.

H/T: Billboard