Sony to start vinyl production again after 28 years

Thinking of chucking out your old vinyl record player? Well you may want to reconsider that option, as music powerhouse Sony Records have announced that they want to establish themselves within the vinyl market and industry once again. This will involve bringing back the process of producing vinyl records. Having not made vinyl records since 1989, this means Sony have had a massive 28 year absence from the industry and by delving into this once more, could this mean vinyl is about to undergo a sudden rise in popularity?

The company will officially start production in 2018 via their Japanese subsidiary – Shizuoka Prefecture. They plan to press old Japanese records before releasing big mainstream hits.

Sony Music have joined the vinyl “train” at the exact correct time as pieces of evidence of the vinyl industry undergoing a potential boom have been floating around for a while now. At one point in 2016 vinyl sales were beating digital sales. Nikkei states that 17.2 million units were shipped last year, with 70% of those sales attributed to consumers 35 and younger. This shows that the future is definitely looking bright for the resurrection of this classic old platform.

Let us know your thoughts on the matter! Will Vinyl be the biggest form of distribution once again?