Sven Väth is the inspiration why Tiësto DJs today

Music has an abundance of great musicians and artists, but we see a handful of musical mavericks who shape and define music itself – notably Dutch legend Tijs Michiel Verwest known by most as DJ Tiësto. With a career that has spanned over two decades, it is no wonder that Tiesto is regarded as the ‘Godfather of EDM’. Still among the highest-earning DJs, he continues to sell-out gigs, playing an array of main stage performances on the international stage and all while elating his rapturous following of fans.

Just like everyone else Tiësto had his beginnings and during an interview with Billboard Magazine he revealed the inspiration behind his success to becoming a DJ. In the interview where Tiësto looks back on his 20-year career, the ‘Adagio For Strings’ sensation noted how the chance encounter with Sven Väth (another musical maverick) inspired him to a life of DJing and music.

Tiesto recalled: “I was working in a record store! I was like, ‘This guy’s playing for six hours and I don’t know one track he played, and everything he plays is amazing.’ Then I said, ‘That’s what I want to do.’ That’s how I got into music, and trance music actually. He has this very mysterious vibe to him, and I think he still plays on vinyl. It’s a very different feeling. It blew my mind.”

Sven Väth is a German DJ and producer with a career as illustrious as Tiësto’s spanning over more than 30 years. Väth is also the founder of his own company record label Cocoon which sees a residency in the Ibiza club Amnesia. Hats off to Sven Väth and his amazing six-hour sets as to this day we might not have our Tiësto.

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