Upcoming Swedish producers The Afterhours make their debut in the industry with the release of "Stockholm City", as a tribute to their hometown.

The Afterhours – Stockholm City

The Afterhours have just made their debut with the release of their inaugural track. Making a huge splash in the music industry, the Swedish duo has dropped the euphoric new tune “Stockholm City” as a tribute to their hometown.

Hailing from Stockholm, The Afterhours are set to make long strides within the electronic dance music scene. Not many people are aware of these two producers just yet, but with the superb talents they possess, the spotlight should only shine on them sooner.

To showcase their prowess and creativity to the world, The Afterhours have presented their first-ever release called “Stockholm City”. According to the duo, the song is about solidarity and finding happiness even in the smallest of things.

The track opens up with a stunning melody and a catchy whistle sound effect that transitions into the song’s first verse. Impeccably blending the striking vocals and lovely guitar riffs, this portion of the record certainly provides a refreshing listening experience.

The second half of the track maintains the uplifting vibes as it continues to deliver its soothing deep and tropical house elements, perfect for any dance event this summer. Overall, with a perfect combination of meaningful vocals and soulful instrumentals, “Stockholm City” is a must-hear production for any music enthusiast.

Listen to the track below.