Aevvo – Tides EP

Whilst not much is known about mysterious producer Aevvo, his music speaks louder than words in this case, as the release of his latest EP ‘Tides‘ takes listeners on an enchanting musical journey. With five separate tracks to enjoy, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

Kicking things off is ‘Jupiter‘, a futuristic drum & bass anthem filled with dreamy plucks and uplifting chords, which combine nicely with the atmospheric chopped vocals to create an energetic, intense track. ‘Horizon‘ follows in similar fashion, with the chopped vocals again the centre of attention, before the raw future bass synths take over during the drop, resulting in a melodic anthem that highlights the producer’s skill in the studio.

Up next is ‘Tides‘, a more mellow, chilled production in comparison to the EP’s previous tracks, yet equally impressive. Atmospheric and enchanting throughout, the track is relaxing and refreshing. ‘Aura‘ is more energetic, with a driving bass line the signature of the track right from the start, and again the chopped vocals are used to full effect. Last but by no means least is ‘Flux‘, a track that also exemplifies Aevvo’s impressive sound design skills, as the glitchy electro synths create energy and intensity throughout to draw the EP to a fitting conclusion.

Available as a free download, stream the five tracks in full below.